Release Notes

As Blackhawk Network continues to develop the current version of our APIs, we will announce changes on this page. Unless stated otherwise, all changes are backwards compatible (e.g. new endpoint, new optional request parameter). We avoid making backwards incompatible changes whenever possible and make every effort to communicate these changes to our customers and partners before they are released.

Upcoming Releases

There are currently no feature releases scheduled.

Recent Releases


  • Support for specifying which financial account should be used when placing an order by sending the financialAccountId (FAID).


The following items were added with the February deploy:

  • Support for Additional Shipping Methods
  • New Closed Loop Activation API


The eGiftBulkCodeRetrievalInfo/byKeys API now returns the eGift card number when the original order was made with returnCardNumberAndPin = true.


Blackhawk Network has removed support for TLS 1.1.
Read the full announcement for more information

05/19/2020: OrderInfo API Improvements / Fixes

The OrderInfo API will no longer respond with an order.not.found error when the order request is processing but an order has not yet been created in Hawk Marketplace. It will now correctly respond with an "In Process" response.

03/24/2020: Physical Bulk Orders Delivery Address Change

The deliveryAddress object will be modified to add following two mandatory attributes: firstName and lastName.
This will affect calls to the following endpoints:

  • submitClosedLoopAnonymous
  • submitOpenLoopAnonymous
  • submitOpenLoopPersonalizedBulk

Requests made to these endpoints after this date that do not include firstName and lastName will fail.

10/10/2019: Performance Improvements for Real-time Ordering

Additional Performance Improvements for Real-time Ordering to further reduce the response times when ordering digital content through the real-time API endpoints.

09/24/2019: Performance Improvements for Real-time Ordering

We will be moving some internal processes to be asynchronous in order to reduce the response times when ordering digital content through the real-time API endpoints.

07/23/2019: Real-time Ordering Updates

We have made some updates to the error messaging returned for real-time orders that fail fraud checks to allow internal resources to more quickly identify the failure reason.

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