Hawk Marketplace Developer Portal

Hawk Marketplace is Blackhawk Network's centralized reward ordering platform with over 700 physical and digital reward offerings available.

This developer portal will provide you with the information you need to integrate with the Hawk Marketplace platform and start placing orders! You will find tutorials for common use cases along with a full reference for all the API endpoints in our API Explorer.

How To Get Started

  • Review this site to find out how the Hawk Marketplace APIs work and to understand the integration effort and requirements.
  • Contact our sales team, they will provide you with more information, work with you on pricing and setup demos for the platform as needed. Once you're signed up you will be assigned an account manager and implementation project manager who will work with you and your team on the technical kick off and integration.
  • Determine which products you intend to order and work with your account manager to have your Hawk Marketplace user account configured. Your project manager will obtain a signed client certificate for your application, you will need to reference the client certificate from your code.

Integration Process

  • Use the guides in this portal, the API Explorer or download the Open API Specification (OAS/Swagger) documents, a language-agnostic description of our REST APIs. The OAS documents can even be used with tools such as OpenAPI Generator to automatically generate a client library.
  • Determine a suitable framework, such as JAX-RS RI for Java applications, to create your client classes to consume the Hawk Marketplace API resources.
  • Reference the client certificate provided by your project manager. It is required to authenticate all calls to the Hawk Marketplace APIs.
  • Test your application against our staging and certification environment.
  • Complete the API certification process
  • Receive approval and place your first order in production!


This site is primarily directed towards supporting our RESTful API suite, but you will also find documentation for our SOAP Web Service and information on how to place orders via FTP.

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