Physical Merchant Gift Cards


Blackhawk Network's broad selection of physical gift card content can be ordered through the Closed Loop API calls available as part of the Rewards Order Processing API set.

These APIs allow for the ordering of single-merchant gift cards, Spafinder cards and Blackhawk Network's Happy Card multi-merchant gift cards.

Interacting with the Card Catalog

We recommend interacting with the product catalog separately from the process of placing an order. Ideally you should synchronize and cache the catalog of products available to you every day.

Read more about how to interact with the product catalog.

Ordering in Bulk

Bulk ordering allows you to order and ship multiple gift cards to distribute directly. When placing a bulk order the cards will be bulk shipped to the address you specify.

Learn How to Place Bulk Gift Card Orders with our Step-by-step Guide

Individual Orders

Individual ordering allows you to order gift cards to be shipped directly to the customer.

Learn How to Place Individual Gift Cards Orders with our Step-by-step Guide

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