Virtual Prepaid Accounts


Blackhawk Network's virtual prepaid accounts can be ordered through the virtual API calls available as part of the Rewards Order Processing API set.

Interacting with the Card Catalog

We recommend interacting with the card catalog separately from the process of placing an order. Ideally you will want to synchronize and cache the catalog of products available to you every day.

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Ordering in Bulk

Bulk ordering allows you to acquire multiple virtual prepaid accounts to distribute directly. When placing a bulk order Blackhawk Network will not send the virtual prepaid accounts to the recipients on your behalf. You will need to distribute to the recipients directly.

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Individual Orders

Individual ordering allows you to order one or many virtual prepaid accounts at the same time that are associated to an individual. In this case Blackhawk Network will deliver the virtual prepaid account to the individual recipient via email.

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Real-time Ordering

Real-time ordering allows you to place single orders for virtual prepaid accounts quickly. You are limited to placing a single order at a time but the reward is delivered more quickly and skips our internal order batching process.

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