Corporate Payment Solutions

Blackhawk Network Corporate Payments Solutions provide the expertise, technology platforms and customer service to not only move funds from one entity to another, but also manage the regulatory and workflow requirements. Our expertise lies in the most convenient, modern payment options—plastic or digital Visa® and Mastercard® Prepaid Cards and catalogs offering choice— that offer less expensive, more secure corporate payments.

Many corporations rely on slow, expensive and manual methods, such paper checks and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions, to make payments. With Blackhawk Network, corporate payments—including appeasements, disbursements and charitable donations—can be made cost-effectively, and without sensitive account information, simply by using an email address or phone number. We can translate corporate payments into your choice of multichannel payment options that can be efficiently delivered, tracked and reported on.

Appeasement Solutions

Need to empower your customer service team to issue individual customer appeasements? We have the solution you need. Through an industry-leading cloud-based platform, we connect your appeasement card and customer service interface through software, data warehouse and website integration. Our solution delivers customer-friendly messaging and fast delivery to create customer delight.

For class-action settlements, Blackhawk Network offers innovative payment options that are secure, efficient and automated. We’ll collaborate with you to make sure program administration is easy. Plus, our expertise in corporate payment solutions offer you cost savings, escheatment indemnification, accuracy, tracking and reporting.

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Disbursement Solutions

Our suite of custom rewards is designed for corporate disbursements, helping you manage consumer and corporate payments. Our ordering system manages product issuance, processing, tracking and activation, while our online portal enables easy transaction review for accounting and compliance. Skip the manual process of issuing checks and, later, managing escheatment by using Visa® or Mastercard® Prepaid Cards.

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Disaster Relief Solutions

In a time of need, the right relief needs to be delivered as quickly as possible, and gift cards are a secure solution. Our platform helps organizations manage local delivery, budget and access while providing aid recipients with the relief they need. Choose to distribute merchant gift cards—our array includes almost all of the big-box retailers that offer a wide array of necessities—you can get much-needed funds ordered and delivered in bulk for on-the-ground distribution.

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