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The FMS support callbacks to the DDP to notify you when changes (fulfillment status change) have been made to the order . This service leverages Amazon SNS. This will allow you to develop an async mechanism to poll BHN on-demand as needed for updated order info, vs developing a polling mechanism. It improves performance and manages payload size.

At a high level, you will need to develop a Listener (on the public internet) to receive callbacks from AWS SNS. You will specify this URL as part of the subscription registration during onboarding, and update order notifications will be delivered through an HTTPS POST to the specified URL.


Callback Notification

Callbacks feature is only supported for Order and OrderLineitem Fulfillment statuses.
For compliance and security card level details - activation status, delivery status are not supported via callback mechanism.


Blackhawk is using AWS SNS for messages. Consequently, there are some existing constraints/limitation.

If for some reason you did not get any notification, please use the "GET" API's to get the status of order/orderlineitem/shipment notification.

AWS SNS is configured to retry up to 100 times in 1 hour time


The Client for this callback will be AWS. An auth scheme using a custom certificate cannot be supported at this time.

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