Reload a Gift Card


A client application lets users reload gift cards as available. The user selects a card managed or purchased by the application and selects or enters an amount to reload on the card.

Reloading a gift card flow chart.Reloading a gift card flow chart.

Reloading a gift card flow chart.

API Service

Operation - API Call

Key Parameters

Account Processing


RELOAD in supported Features at Product Line


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Learn more about how to reload through our Reload a Gift Card tutorials

Best Practices

  • The supported feature value RELOAD indicates if the reload feature is supported by the card brand.
  • This feature is only available for card activations supported by Blackhawk Network.
  • Based on the card partner, sometimes reload feature is only enabled after 24 hrs of activation of the card.
  • There is a minimum and maximum amount. Every product has a maximum amount to reload, so not every reload is for the full amount requested.
  • Not every product is reloadable.

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