Recommended Support/Administration Applications


The Digital APIs are modular transactions, which are typically operated in a user-designed application. The API’s provide a clear set of transactions, which also provide system tracking, and feedback that should be logged by your applications for use in systems, which can benefit your organization’s internal business practices.

Recommended Partner Support/Administration ApplicationsRecommended Partner Support/Administration Applications

Recommended Partner Support/Administration Applications

Because the operation of the API’s is performed via system calls, much of the resulting data would not normally be seen by the business user. However, the data being exchanged will need to be reviewed by the business owners for their action.

Content Management Portal

The offline processes that provide the Catalog of products provides a great deal of information about products along with the rules around how those items should be offered and delivered.

Business users will need to determine if the authorized products fit their business model and may have to decide whether or not to display the product for sale on the website. To allow for this functionality the product information should be made available in a format where it can be presented to the business user for review and action.

The portal should also present any changes in the catalog content to your end users in order to maintain good communication about the eGifts being offered along with any other changes, which might impact marketing or other messages.


Learn more about Offline Processes.

Logging and Reporting

Every API transaction in the Digital Gift Services Platform provides detailed information, which should be logged and made available for reporting. Data from the logs is critical in the investigation of specific transactions as well as determining transaction volumes and response times from the Blackhawk Network systems.

The detail from shared services is quite inclusive and provides important information for diagnostics and other investigative processes.

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