Purchasing a Physical Gift Card


A client’s application provides a list of available physical Gifts for purchase based on the products available in the product catalog. A user selects a product, specifies physical delivery options, provides payment for the gift card, and completes purchase. After completing the purchase the user receives one or more of the following: an order confirmation, an order confirmation notification (e.g., email or SMS), an order shipped notification.

Depending on the specified delivery options, user shall receive the physical gift cards.

API Service

Operation - API Call

Key Parameters

Fulfillment Management Services

Create Order

  • Request Id
  • Partner Order Number, Partner Line Item Id
  • Product ID (a.k.a., bhnIID) or Product Configuration ID (a.k.a., bhnUpc)
  • BillInfo (Bill Address, Bill Method, Bill Email, Bill Phone, BillRequestorId, etc.)
  • ShipInfo (Shipping Address, Ship Method, Ship Email, ShipPhone, ShipReciepientId, etc.)
  • Qty, Denom


Learn More

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Best Practices

  • Always associate the order call with a unique “partnerOrderNumber” which is used in the settlement reconciliation process.
  • The unique “partnerOrderNumber” is used for checking for duplicate 'active' orders (idempotent calls).
  • Always associate the Blackhawk Network assigned 'fulfilmentOrderId' in your order management system as a unique cross-reference identifier for your order. This will also be utilized for subsequent status queries.

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