Purchase an eGift Card


A client’s application provides a list of available eGifts for purchase based on the products available in the product catalog. A user selects a product in the application, provides payment for the eGift, and purchases the product . After completing the purchase, the user has the option of viewing the eGift in the client’s application, sending the eGift to a recipient via some channel like email or SMS, or storing the eGift in a digital wallet.

API Service

Operation - API Call

Key Parameters

eGift Processing Service

Generate eGift

  • Request Id
  • Retrieval Reference Number
  • Product Configuration ID
  • External Order Id / External PO Number
  • Header: Request ID
  • Header: Contract ID


Learn More

Learn more about how to purchase eGifts through our Create and Manage eGifts tutorials.

Best Practices

  • Always associate the eGift call with a unique retrievalReferenceNumber which is used in the settlement reconciliation process. Inclusion of "Partner Order Number" is also recommended to support settlement reconciliation process.
  • The unique requestId associated is used for reversals when a timeout occurs or idempotent calls.
  • Some clients do not want to store the users personal information with Blackhawk Network when creating a Person Object. In this case, you may choose to populate at least one field in the person record with a value that can be cross-referenced to client’s system for auditing and accountability.
  • If the application uses the Blackhawk Network eGift Application, the application provides a activation spot URL via some channel, which the user clicks to view the eGift in a browser or mobile application.
  • You may choose to leverage some risk value-added service by populating fields associated to egift presentment (challenge questions and answers) or risk assessment attributes.

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