Product Management Service


The Product Management APIs enable your applications to work with information about individual products. In functionality that enables selling of cards or eGifts, your application calls the Product Management Service to provide customers information about specific products in your catalog.

Product data includes entity ID, product summary info (product name, currency, UPC, product line ID, active and inactive dates) and product details (activation, reload, fulfillment, redemption, product fees, product configuration, taxable flag, barcode, magnetic stripe, image, provisioning, printing, terms-and-conditions).

Product Management


The Product Management APIs enable client application to retrieve current individual product information.


The application calls Read Product from the Product Management Service for every product as part of the product catalog. The response includes product information for each product (such as product image, terms and conditions, activation instructions, product description, etc.) which is cached by the application in order to display the list of products for sale.

Best Practices

  • The client should cache all the related product information (for future use).
  • It is good practice to cache the images associated with the products rather than streaming from the URL directly.

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