Product Line Management Service


The Product Line Management APIs enable your applications to retrieve product line information, that is information about a brand/retailers complete line of products. Product line data includes entity ID, product line summary and details, status, branding, payment network type, account type (credit, gift, loyalty, phone), payment network type, (card-product) image, PIN, barcode, magnetic-stripe, product fee, affiliation, activation, redemption, reload, provisioning, printing, fulfillment, lost-stolen content, and terms-and-conditions.

Product Line Management


Product Line Management APIs enable the client application to retrieve product line information, which is typically defined as the brand/retailer/merchant information.


For a client application that displays brand information, a call is made to the Read Product Line API from the Product Line Management Service with the productLineId associated to every product in the product catalog. This is cached by the application in order to display the list of available brands.

Best Practices

The client should cache all the related product line information (for future use).

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