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This guide will assist you in connecting to Blackhawk Network and help you design your platforms to best leverage the products and services offered. It is not a complete user manual; for further assistance, please contact your Blackhawk Network account representative.


This guide is not a warranty. Your relationship with Blackhawk Network is governed by the agreement(s) the parties have executed.

Integrating With Digital Gift Services

Properly integrating with Digital Gift Services is part of the process and explained throughout this site. The intention of the Integration Guide is to provide your business team an understanding of the best practices to implement a solution based on your business needs, as well as the insight into how to avoid costly mistakes.

We will share some best practices to help your business build the best user experience for your application. While these best practices are not requirements, we recommend you consider leveraging them, as they could save your company time and money as you build your application

High Level Recommended System Architecture

Here you will find a very high-level overview of the transaction between systems involved in order capturing and fulfillment with Blackhawk Network. The intent is to identify key design patterns and best practices to facilitate in the integration to Blackhawk Network.

High Level Recommended System ArchitectureHigh Level Recommended System Architecture

High Level Recommended System Architecture

Common Terms

The following terms are commonly used throughout this guide and website.




The Digital Distribution Partner application, which can be a mobile application such as a Wallet program, or a web based application such as a Loyalty program or direct sales.

Content Partner

Card partners/providers of the various gift cards.

Digital APIs

REST APIs that the client is integrating with at Blackhawk Network

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