Handling eGift Reversals


A reversal is a system-generated offline call that cancels or rolls back a previous transaction and assures that the client is not billed for the activation

API Service

Operation - API Call

Key Parameters

eGift Processing Service

Reverse eGift

  • Request Id from the timeout transaction
  • Only used for timeouts


Learn More

Learn more about the API used for reversals with our Reverse eGift tutorial.


Reversals should be used in cases where client encounters a timeout, HTTP 5XX, when executing the Blackhawk Network Digital APIs.

Best Practices

  • In case of a 504-error code reversals can be issued immediately.
  • In case of a 502/503 error reversal should be executed only when the idempotent (retry) calls fail after “x” attempts.
  • Blackhawk Network executes the reverse transaction as an offline process. That is, your application calls one of the reverse APIs, the API acknowledges the request, and the reversal of the previous transaction takes place at a later time. This means that the reversals are not guaranteed.
  • Don't use the reverse APIs to void previous transactions.
  • Partner needs to actively review the settlement files to confirm that all reverse requests are actually processed and follow up with Blackhawk Network when they are not. If a reversal is not processed, there is a chance partner will be charged for the previous transaction.
  • You have only 24 hours to reverse a previous transaction.
  • Reversal can be issued on all API services, except the Balance Inquiry calls.
  • If a client is making multiple eGift calls using the concept of a shopping cart and if one of the eGift calls within the cart times out, the client should ONLY reverse the transaction that times out and not the whole shopping cart.
  • If a card number has been generated and the transaction times out, the reversal on a transaction will reverse the transaction but for the Blackhawk internal inventory system this card number is decremented.
  • Reversal required within 24 hrs after the original eGift transaction; if 502 error is received then continue to resend the reversal request until auto -acknowledged by Blackhawk.
  • Request ID of the original transaction is required.

Reversal Retry Logic

  • If the reversal call times out, then the partner should make a reverse API call every 15 mins (or any established cadence) until 24 hrs to make sure the reversal has completed.
  • Request ID of the original transaction is required.

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