Guide to Header Attributes


This page is intended to familiarize you with, and help you understand more clearly, common header attributes required when sending requests to Blackhawk Network's Digital Gift Service API sets.



A value defined by the client application used to uniquely identify the specific request from the client.

Best Practices

  • Each API request should be sent with a unique requestId, that is 50 characters long.
  • For any financial transactions, the reversal (account /eGift) operation can be executed using this unique value.
  • Client should associate and store each and every transaction and link to this requestId. This will be useful in case of troubleshooting for error scenarios in real time.



A unique identifier assigned by Blackhawk Network to identify a merchant for all transaction processing.

Best Practices

  • Partners should always pass this attribute in the header.
  • This is a Merchant Identifier (MID) Blackhawk Network provides to the partner.
  • The digital Partner using a Multiple MID solution should always pass a MID value in the contractId. It should be defaulted to the primary MID associated with the tenant.

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