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Get order Details




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Returns order details (fulfillment status, errors, error message, etc.) of a specific fulfillment orders.

As a DDP Developer,

I want to retrieve the detail of one order with list of order lineitems for my Tenant/MID by FulfillmentOrderID which is provided in CreateOrder Response

so that I can update the order and Order LineItem information in my system and keep track of order status (creation date, fulfillment status, etc)

If not subscribed for Callback, then use this API to check the status of the order by fulfillmentOrderId (response of CreateOrder API). Also, check the the status of order before cancelling the order.

Order Confirmation - check after 60 mins of CreateOrder Request was submitted
Sent to Printer for Fulfillment - check after 24 hrs of CreateOrder Request was submitted
Shipped - check after 3 business days of CreateOrder Request was submitted

For exact SLA please contact Account Manager

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