Fraud Management


There are occasions where users might attempt to commit fraud when purchasing gift cards through your website or application.

Key Business Practices

There are several key business practices that can assist you in monitoring activity that might indicate fraudulent activities:

  • Frequent user access to your system especially after a successful purchase transaction
  • Suspect e-mail identities or domains
  • Attempting to check the balance of a card that returns card not found
  • Several high denomination activations in a single purchase transaction
  • Attempts to exceed purchase limits either in total dollars or number of cards

The transaction log data can be used to review these types of trends and help with prevention of ongoing fraud.

Fraud Types & Definitions

Fraud Type


Balance Inquiry Fraud

This is when gift card numbers are stolen or manufactured and the fraudster uses balance inquiries to determine when the card has been activated.

The fraudster then drains the balance on the card before the true gift card owner can use it.

Wallet Fraud

Often occurs with online wallet accounts where multiple fake email addresses are created and used for fake wallet accounts to disguise activity.

Balance inquiries then occur to check for balances on stolen gift card numbers.

Account Takeover Fraud

An account with a financial institution is taken over by a fraudster

They utilize this account to redeem the points balance for rewards such as gift cards.

eGift Fraud

This occurs when credit card numbers are stolen and used for fraudulent eGift purchases. Balances on the eGifts are drained before it is determined that the purchases are fraudulent.


Fraud Mitigation Strategy

Please work with your implementation manager to discuss best practices with regard to fraud mitigation.

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