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Activation Spot – eGift Application

The Digital Services APIs provides functionality turning a prepaid card into an eGift using the Blackhawk Network eGift Application.


To provide users a brand approved redeemable experience after purchase of an eGift, Blackhawk Network's eGift Application is a complimentary solution used in conjunction with the Digital Platform to provide a complete experience for selling eGifts.

The eGift Application, also known as Activation Spot, provides the following:

  • A brand approved redeemable experience. Once eGift is purchased, customer will have a seamless redemption experience.
  • Responsive and optimized. Your customers get a great viewing experience through any modern mobile and desktop device, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as well as Windows and Mac systems.
  • Blackhawk Network eGifts are ADA compliant for accessibility.

eGift Example

Blackhawk Network eGift Example from Activation SpotBlackhawk Network eGift Example from Activation Spot

Blackhawk Network eGift Example from Activation Spot

The eGift Application also offers the ability to suppress certain features or text from the eGift template using the query parameters.



International Considerations

Use of the Blackhawk Network standard activation spot URL for eGift delivery may not be a viable solution in certain geographies, due to localized compliance and regulatory requirements. Please work with your assigned Implementation Manager for further detail.

eGift Presentment - Risk Consideration

The Blackhawk Network standard activation spot URL for eGift delivery support the ability to optionally prompt users for one or more challenge questions. Note: Once the challenge questions and answer are setup (per eGift), it cannot be modified or queried. The partner must persist the Q&A for servicing their customer. By default, the egift allow 3 prompts per session. User can initiate a new session after 3 attempts. See Generate Egift - generateEGift for more details.

Best Practices

  • Customized barcode redemption logic for certain card brands is handled by the Blackhawk Network eGift application.
  • The activation spot URL is different for each of the Blackhawk Network server environments.
  • Reference the entityID returned from the generate eGift call along with the tenantID to build the activation spot url.
  • Options for Add to Android Pay/ SamsungPay/Apple Pay available as an added service.

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