eGift App Template for Mobile Apps


Digital Distribution Partners with native mobile applications often request (require) producing the eGift redemption experience in-app. DDPs have the option to a) create their own redemption experience without prior Content Partner (CP) approval, resulting in a decrease in CP approvals, increased cycles for content adoption, and ongoing CP redemption support issues, or b) leverage Blackhawk’s hosted responsive web-application.


Specifically for the Mobile applications, Blackhawk Network has a streamlined secure mobile 1st responsive eGift web-application that is exclusively used for redemption in store. The experience meets design and pixel dimension requirements of mobile applications, while continuing to power the display critical components (Card Number, PIN, Barcode and Terms and Conditions) in app. Combined with Android and iOS native browser capabilities to present a web view within a native application, Blackhawk Network maintains control of critical CP requirements without diminishing mobile app design consistency.
By presenting a CP certified template, DDP’s will drive improved users experience (improved CP redemption experience, lower redemption support issues.)
Additional optional functionality, e.g., “Add to Wallet” (depending on Brand support) and Risk Assessment (OFAC, Device Fingerprinting, etc.) can be enabled via this responsive web-application to further improve users experience and security.
By not handling card critical components (Card Number, PIN, Barcode), DDP can reduce the compliance and security footprint associated to your mobile application

eGift App Template ExampleeGift App Template Example

eGift App Template Example

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