Client Specific Identifiers


Blackhawk Network provides certain attributes that are client specific. These attributes identify the client with the internal systems.

Merchant ID & Contract ID

The Merchant ID (MID), is allocated to each client and is the identifier within the Blackhawk Network system for any client related setup like settlement, secure file transfer, reporting, sales, error logging, partner notification etc.

Blackhawk Network internally generates this value. The only time the MID can be used by the client is when the client use case prompts them to use the Multiple MID solution provided by the Blackhawk Digital Service APIs.

Tenant ID

Blackhawk Network requires client certificates to provide data security and privacy for client application data and services shared between Blackhawk Network and its clients. The security certificate when used to call the Digital Services API internally associates the Tenant ID value. This Tenant ID identifies what Client is making the Digital Services call. Internally this is mapped to the MID value, which is then passed along to the various internal applications.

The tenant ID is also used when viewing the eGift by the eGift application.

Product Catalog ID

Each client application has its own approved products that are made available via the Product Catalog Management API. The Product Catalog ID identifies the product catalog for a client.

Source ID

A Source ID is a unique combination of Merchant ID and Tenant ID. The Source ID identifies a unique Fulfillment Management Service client setup.

Blackhawk Network internally generates this and is shared with the client. The only time the SourceID can be used by the client is when the client usecase prompts them to use the Source ID by the Blackhawk Network Fulfillment Dropship Service.

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