Certification (Post-Production)


The certification environment allows you test and certify your application before you launch into production. The code-base in the certification environment (also known as the Post-Production Environment) is the same as our Production environment, except during releases when the environments are being updated. Note: it can take five days to synchronize the certification environment with the production code after a new release.


This environment is NOT intended for non-functional load testing of your application.

The base URL for this environment is: https://api.certification.blackhawknetwork.com/

Environment Notes

  • The product/retailer details and metadata in the environment is similar to Production.
  • Transactional data related to any testing performed is specific to this environment.
  • The product catalog will be similar to the Production catalog, with the addition of certain products that may be specifically configured for you to test and certify through your application. Such products are termed as Forced Response products. Forced Response products are only visible in the certification environment, these products are not available in the Production environment.
  • In case of products that have test data available, and are added to the partner catalog, there will be limits placed on the number of activations that can be executed for any given product.
  • Notifications will be provided when there is scheduled maintenance for the environment. Planned outages will be communicated with prior notifications. Unplanned outages will be communicated as soon as possible.
  • This environment can be used to test reconciliation files and reports as needed.
  • In case of any API changes that are implemented specifically for the Distribution Partner, the DDP will be asked to test and validate the changes in this environment environment before the code changes are promoted to Production. Once the changes are promoted, the DDP would be moved back to the this environment.
  • To report any issues related to Post-Production environment, partners should work with their assigned Account Manager or Implementation Manager, who will escalate as appropriate.

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