Add a Card to a Wallet


This use case describes the best practices associated when a user adds a gift card to an application like a digital wallet using Blackhawk Digital APIs. Storing cards using the Bag Management services enables users to manage their cards in the same way they would physical cards in a physical wallet. The client application can use it to help define and construct the parts of the application that enable the customers to manage their cards.

Add a card to a wallet - process flow.Add a card to a wallet - process flow.

Add a card to a wallet - process flow.

API Service

Operation - API Call

Key Parameters

Bag Services

Create Bag


Learn More

Learn more about the APIs used for adding cards to wallets with our Store a Gift Card in a Bag tutorial.

Best Practices

  • The entire metadata associated with the card brand can be derived from the [Product Line Service](doc:product-line-management-service].
  • The supported feature “UNIVERSAL BALANCE INQUIRY” indicates if the balance inquiry for non BHN product is supported by Blackhawk Network APIs or not. Use this feature to make a balance Inquiry call.
  • Client application should use the verifyAccount API from the Account Processing service to create an internal account with Blackhawk. This call should be used the first time the card is added by the client application. Once an account is associated with the card, any subsequent Balance Inquiry calls is made by using the getAccount API call from the Account Processing service.
  • The Product Line “pinRequired” attribute indicates if the PIN is needed when calling the verifyAccount API (for making a Balance Inquiry call).
  • Not all brands support out-of-network balance inquiry (UNIVERSAL BALANCE INQUIRY) requests. If a brand doesn’t support UBI and then attempts to get a balance, then no Account is created and the application is unable to get a real-time balance.
  • The barcode display is created by the client application and Blackhawk Network only provides the characteristics for the type of barcode to be created.

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